Christmas is over and there’s not much league football this weekend, but I’m not unhappy. Instead, I am sat on a train on the East Coast Main Line full of eager anticipation for what is one of my favourite weekends of the year – FA Cup 3rd Round weekend!!!!

 Anybody who says that the prestige and image of the FA Cup has deteriorated in the last few years needs to take a long hard look at them self. It is a fantastic competition.

 So FOOTBALL LEAGUE WEEKENDER is going cup crazy.

 Anybody who has ever witnessed an FA Cup match knows that the competition can bring up some seriously screwball results. For one day only a Blue Square Premier team can entertain their glitzy, camp, showbiz brothers from the Premier League. Not only can they entertain, but such lowly teams as York City can even feel confident! Why? Because history provides tales of heroism to inspire! A top team going into an FA Cup match against a lower-league side feel like somebody would upon entering a notoriously-haunted house – with a feeling that something very, very strange could be about to happen! Be afraid good teams, be very afraid!

Despite the unpredictability of the Cup though we are going to try and run through some of the matches and attempt to figure out which teams will prevail and which will not.

(What you think would be) SURE BETS:

 Sunderland to beat Barrow

Stoke should spank York City

Everton to win against Carlisle

Tottenham to hammer Peterborough

Bolton should just overcome Lincoln City

Middlesborough to lose at home to Manchester City

Reading to be badly beaten by Liverpool

 (What would normally be) DECENT BETS:

 Wigan to beat Hull at DW Stadium

Aston Villa to turn over Blackburn

Huddersfield to not have enough at home to West Bromwich Albion

Southampton should really beat Luton.

 (The good one…) POSSIBLE UPSETS:

 Torquay could well upset Brighton

Manager-less Preston may come undone at home to Colchester

Nottingham Forest to outshine Birmingham City

MK Dons to beat Burnley

Fulham could find life hard at home to Swindon

Brentford could easily put Doncaster to bed

So there you go, lots of matches to have a little punt on this weekend. Odds will be much shorter, so if you want to bet on a accumulator you could end up with lower potential earnings. That’s no reason to put you off though, it’s 3rd Round weekend, is there any better time to have a little flutter?!

 My tip this weekend is to put your money on an accumulator, with 5/6 FA Cup matches which you feel are dead certs, together with Rochdale at home and Bournemouth at home in League 2 –

 Bolton, Everton, Stoke, Sunderland, Man City, Tottenham, Liverpool, Rochdale, Bournemouth all to win. At 22.50 on Weds 30th December on Paddy Power a £100 stake would bring earnings of 1172 if this coupon came in.


Once again then from Football Shorts and Football League Weekender have a fantastic and lucky weekend!!!

Ross Fox



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