Whoever first said or wrote…’All is fair in love and war’ probably wasn’t referring to football.

If they were though, Football Shorts would like to think it was said in the run-up to a Arsenal v Manchester United game. In recent years the tie has captivated us. If you need any reminding, watch some of the videos below. Trust me, it will leave your mouth watering…

1:) NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED: don’t watch it if you don’t want to hear any swearing, I’m not going to lie, there are one or two expletives in it. What an insight into the relationship between Patrick Viera and Roy Keane though. Fascinating.

2:) ‘ABSOLUTELY UN-SAVE-ABLE, ABSOLUTELY MAGINIFICENT’: Classic Henry. Sharp, skillfull, sublime. Picks up the ball, controls the ball on his chest, turns and shoots. Andy Gray’s commentary is perfect.

3:) THE COMEBACK: Manchester United led twice. Arsenal equalised twice. A scintillating match.Christiano Ronaldo’s goal to make the scoreline 1-2 was quite brilliant.

4:) DUMPED OUT THE CUP: When shorts were small, when Brian McClair was topping goalscoring charts and when the Emirates Stadium was an Islington Council recycling plant next to the GNER mainline…

5:) Nike: The sports giant get in on the act with this advert. Pure drama! Watch closely for some Cantona dans le crowd, some FIFA-esque slide tackles and a few decent Hollywood saves…

And that doesn’t even go close to summing up what tomorrow means to both teams. It does give a tiny glimmer though, a teeny insight in to the relationship between arguably the best two ‘footballing’ teams in the country.

Let there be dirty tackles, let there be shots hitting woodwork, let there be Sol Campbell dominating, let there be Wayne Rooney jinxing, let there be goals.

Let there be Wenger v Ferguson squaring up…

Let war, commence…

By Ross A. Fox







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