He’s a striker who can hold the ball up. He can roll a defender. He has eleven England U-21 caps. He is 6ft 3.

So why is he not playing for Liverpool or Manchester United?

Well, it’s got something to do with scoring goals. He is 26 and in 262 games, he has only scored 61 goals – that’s a goal every 4.295082 games and unfortunately, that’s just not enough.

But there is something touching about perseverance and when Jon Stead turns up at Coventry City’s training ground tomorrow morning to mark the beginning of a six-month loan deal, he will be training with his eighth club in eight years and that, is impressive.

So, Football Shorts salutes you Jon Stead. May you find at Coventry City a club to see you through for the rest of your career. May you for once, settle down for more than just a year. May you and Freddy Eastwood become a modern-day Shearer and Sutton.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is our one-video tribute to the life and times of Jonathan Graeme Stead:

The Overhead Kick:

By Ross A. Fox


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